Out of Sterno

October 11, 2014

Gallery of set images from the Burien Actors Theatre production of OUT OF STERNO

In theater photography, most of the focus is on the actors and the action taking place. Also important but frequently overlooked are some of the other supporting elements of a successful stage production.

In this case I was brought in part way through the run to shoot supplemental photos of the sets and set changes. In this production of OUT OF STERNO, scene changes were accompanied by a change to black lighting and the set lit up in a whole new way as the stagehands transformed the setting.

As a theater photographer, it’s important to think about all of the stakeholders involved in the production that might want to take advantage of photos. Theaters generally want photography for publicity and archival purposes, but set designers, costumers, actors and crew also have an interest and it’s important to shoot coverage that will address all potential needs.

This set was shot hand-held with the Olympus OM-D E-M1 camera using a Leica Summilux 25mm/1.4 lens at ISO 1600 and shutter speeds down to 1/15th of a second..

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