Seahurst Sunset Revisited

November 8, 2014

First Sunset of 2012 at Seahurst Park in Burien, WA

Many skills come into play with photography. Some might be obvious. How the camera works. How to get the exposure you want. How to compose a photo.

Others, maybe less obvious if you’re not obsessed with photography.

For me, part of the artistry is what you do with the photo after you’ve captured it. Photographers will refer to this as post-processing.

Not content to let the camera make too many decisions, I shoot my photos in a format called RAW. The camera primarily just captures what it sees. I have to do processing to the file in order to produce an image. Similar in concept to what we used to do when developing film.

This post-processing is a skill. As you progress in photography you learn new techniques, experiment, find approaches you prefer over others

All this to say, sometimes you go back to old RAW files in your archives and post-process them again. To see the results based on what you’ve learned since you originally shot the photo.

That was the case with this photo, shot back in January 2012. The first sunset I shot that year.

I always liked the original photo. I was experimenting with shooting at low angles, camera held just inches off the ground. Trying to capture an interesting wave with the rocky shoreline and the setting sun as bookends.

I stumbled over the original RAW file while looking for something else and thought I’d see what I could coax from the original image using different techniques in Adobe Lightroom.

I think I might need to print a new enlargement of this photo. I’m really very happy with it..

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