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A Year Gone By – Part 1

August 27, 2015

They say time passes in the blink of an eye. I tend to agree. I know I was shocked when I realized recently I hadn’t posted a single thing on this site in nearly a year!

With a little encouragement, I’m about to rectify that situation by doing a few “year in review” posts of some of my favorite images from the past year.

At the top of the page is the effervescent Lisa Mandelkorn as Judy Garland in the ArtWest production of JUDY’S SCARY LITTLE CHRISTMAS. One of the early shoots in a new trend for ArtsWest — under new management — doing location photo shoots for their promotional images. It’s something I enjoy. It’s more challenging than just shooting under the theater lights and it stretches my creativity more. Always a good thing!

Photo by Michael Brunk /
A scene from A DELICATE BALANCE at Theatre 9/12. Shots like this one buck conventional wisdom for most theater photography. The general goal is to get close-ups of actors. Newspapers and online news prefer closeups and frankly, they’re easier to shoot. I shoot those photos too of course, but I like to throw in wide shots like this one occasionally. I like shooting wide like this to provide context for the viewer. I also find it more challenging trying to get more people in interesting poses (and in focus!).

Photo by Michael Brunk /
One of the most beautiful sets I’ve shot on anywhere, anytime in the ArtWest production of 4000 MILES. Truly a work of art by the production crew!

Photo by Michael Brunk /
A scene from TREASURE ISLAND at SecondStory Repertory. It’s a standing joke with the staff here that my contract requires the liberal use of fog machines during my production shoots. In truth, I do appreciate it! It adds interesting atmosphere to the photos for sure.

Photo by Michael Brunk /
One of my newest theater clients, this is a scene from CARNIVAL at Bellevue College. I came on board this past year as their production photographer and I’ve really been enjoying it. They have two great theater venues to shoot in, a large traditional theater and a smaller “black box.” Both have their unique challenges that I appreciate as a photographer.

This brings us up to March of this past year, with plenty more to go in upcoming posts!.

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