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A Year Gone By – Part 2

August 28, 2015

Welcome back to part 2 of series of “year in review” posts. I’m to get caught up on some of the amazing photographic opportunities I’ve had over the last year, but didn’t take the time to post here on the web site.

Above, a shot of the Seattle skyline at sunrise. I never tire of shooting the skyline here. It’s majestic to me. I hear you ask, “But isn’t it always the same?” No, not at all! Photography is about light and the light is always changing. Sunrise, sunset, stormy skies, reflections off the water. Never the same twice. Spoiler: I refuse to shoot it under clear blue skies. No one likes a boring sky.

Photo by Michael Brunk /
Maryhill, WA as seen from the location of Sam Hill’s Stonehenge monument. You can see Sam’s final resting place at the bottom-left of the photo. Nearby is the Maryhill Museum of Art, a personal favorite. This is a quirky little area off the beaten path for most people, but worth a visit. I need to head back myself before Summer is over!

Photo by Michael Brunk /
A scene from Burien’s annual UFO Festival. Happens on April 1st. This year they began a short film competition as part of the event and screened the shorts as well as THE MAURY ISLAND INCIDENT which was filmed in the area.

Photo by Michael Brunk /
One of the more interesting things I did this past year was take a road trip out to Satsop, WA. Why there? It’s the site of a nuclear plant that was never commissioned. The buildings were constructed but the reactors were never installed. The location is an industrial business park now and only the cooling towers give away the original plan. If you’re not squeamish about making your way around a fence or two, you can check out the view peering up through the center of one of those cooling towers.

That wraps up part 2 of my series of catching up posts. If you missed it, you’ll find part 1 here. More to come!

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